Carson-Newman’s 军队参加后备役军官训练军团 battalion provides students with the opportunity to serve their country as full-time or part-time officers in the U.S. 毕业后参军. 通过广泛的课程和实验, each student is prepared to complete summer training and move on to serve in either the U.S. Army, U.S. 陆军预备役,或陆军国民警卫队少尉.

军队参加后备役军官训练军团 is one of the most demanding and successful leadership programs in the country. 多年来, 军队参加后备役军官训练军团 has been creating leaders who go on to rewarding careers in the military and civilian worlds. 

Carson-Newman University has a rich tradition of equipping students for a successful career in the U.S. Army. From serving as a trauma nurse to flying UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, there is a wide variety of professional options to pursue as a soldier.

Here are just a few benefits a student can gain by enrolling in 军队参加后备役军官训练军团 at Carson-Newman:

一旦你读完高中三年级, you can get a head start on your future by applying for the ROTC National Scholarship , 四年奖学金, 在全球最大的博彩平台. 申请在每年夏季开始时开放. To see all important application dates and learn more, visit 陆军后备军官训练队奖学金. To get started on your scholarship application right away, create an account on 我GoArmy 作为第一步.

你可以阅读所有C-N的军事科学课程 here.

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The US Army 航空学校 is at the US Army Infantry Center, Ft. 佐治亚州本宁. This course is designed to train soldiers to become paratroopers. It develops the student’s confidence through repetitious training so that the student can overcome the natural fear of jumping from an airplane; develop and maintain the high level of physical fitness required of a paratrooper, 通过严格和渐进的体育训练. Each student must satisfactorily complete 5 jumps from an aircraft while in flight.

空中突击学校位于英国《正规博彩网站排名》. 肯塔基州的坎贝尔,.This course is conducted by the 101st Airborne (Air Assault). 这是一种强烈的, 10 day course designed to give leaders a basic understanding of Army helicopter missions. There is some class room instruction,but it is mostly hands-on and performance oriented. 它分为四个阶段:探路者操作, slingload操作, 用绳索下降阶段, 步行阶段.

基本营地是在肯塔基州诺克斯堡举行的为期一个月的营地. The purpose of this camp is to allow students to receive credit for the first two years of ROTC and enable them to enroll in the advanced ROTC course. 基本营地支付大约750美元, 还有所有的饭菜, housing, 交通和制服由政府支付. 主要涉及的领域包括武装部队组织, 陆军海关及程序简介, 分支方向, 军事编队, 体能训练, 地图阅读和陆地导航技术, 指南针的技能, 步枪射击, 和武器熟悉. 参加者没有义务在完成后加入后备军官训练团.

The NSTP is a paid three-to-four week clinical elective for 军队参加后备役军官训练军团 nurse cadets. 出席是自愿的. Our affiliated nursing school awards academic credit for this program. This elective is conducted at Army hospitals in the 美国, Germany and Korea. You get paid while attending NSTP during the same summer as Advanced Camp, which is usually between the Junior and Senior year of college. 在NSTP临床选修课期间, you will receive “hands on” experience under the direct supervision of a preceptor — an Army Nurse Corps officer who works with you one-on-one. 定期的辅导课程会提高你的进步, 同时也对你的表现提供反馈.

山地作战学校在伊森·艾伦靶场, 在佛蒙特州的杰里科, 佛蒙特州国民警卫队. This course is designed to teach/familiarize cadets with mountain operations. 它将挑战你的身体和精神. 训练是不间断的,每天16小时,持续14天. It tests your physical strength by forcing you to carry a 45-65 pound rucksack for 2-5 miles a day in mountainous terrain and mentally by testing your day and night land navigation skills.

Northern Warfare is taught at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Fort Greely, Alaska.This course is designed to familiarize selected cadets with the skills required for movement in mountainous terrain and cold regions during summer months. Emphasis is placed on basic military mountaineering skills and reviver operations on the inland water ways.

CTLT is conducted at many Army bases nationwide, in Germany, and in Korea. This consists of a 3-5 week assignment at an Active Army unit. Each cadet is assigned as a Junior Officer, either as a platoon leader or assistant platoon leader. They are given leadership experience and practical knowledge of the daily functions of an active Army unit.

进阶营是一个为期5周的强化训练体验, 夏天在诺克斯堡举行, 肯塔基州. 这是故意的强硬,并引入压力. The days are long with considerable night training and no days off – in short, a tough camp. Throughout the five weeks cadets encounter physical and mental obstacles which challenge them as a person, soldier, 和领袖. Cadets gain self-confidence through accomplishment of tough training. Platoon competition develops collective cohesion from individual performance.

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